TNT | Acquisition and Takeover
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Acquisition and Takeover



We have a very strong history of turning troubled properties into profitable ones.

We do extensive market research both before and during the takeover process to ensure that everything flows smoothly and that the right decisions are made for the betterment of both the property and the investors.

Driving maximum profits and creating asset value for our clients are two of our highest priorities. And with our years of experience and industry knowledge, we can make the most informed decisions to do just that for your property.

In addition, we can assist with:

  • New business and project development in Cape Town;
  • Strategic planning for existing and new developments within the Cape hospitality industry.

And our owner-first approach means that we know what matters most to you. We can help you reach your specific property goals in Cape Town, because we’ve been there. We’ve done it, we’ve found success, and now we’re looking to become a resource for you.

So whether you need a pre-opening or ongoing management contract, or more granular help with budgeting, marketing, employee training, feasibility studies, and more, we’re here to help.

Get in touch with us today!

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